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  • Wednesday, February 9, 2011 width:640;;height:373
  • Setting up for the "Thanksigiving Feast", elegantly planned and prepared by Chef Matt Christie. width:640;;height:359
  • width:640;;height:359
  • width:640;;height:359
  • Dennis Dewees and Damon Shearer are ready to help serve dinner to our Resident guests. width:640;;height:359
  • Dennis and Drew Shearer are ready to get started! width:640;;height:359
  • What a spread! width:640;;height:359
  • Everyone seemed to enojy the meal. width:640;;height:359
  • The crew on-hand:<br />(Left to Right): Drew Shearer (CSLF), Chef Matt Christie (Wild Blue), Lori Koye (Wild Blue/CSLF), Dennis Dewees (CSLF), and Damon Shearer (CSLF) width:640;;height:359
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